This special page is dedicated to the competition for the Border Town Burning supplement, held from July 19st till October 19th, 2009. The winners and honourable mentions have been announced below.

Competition AnnouncementJuly 19st, 2009


Contest Entries:
We want to see your personal Border Town Burning experiences! This can be practically anything of your choice. It could be a campaign summary, a battle report from one of the scenarios, an alternative warband objective, a new special scenario or a custom converted & painted Chaos Marauders warband.

It doesn't matter whether your submission is related to the craft side of the hobby (collecting, converting, painting) or if it is written words in the form of new rules or narratives. Don't assume your stuff is not good enough! One beautifully converted Belandysh can be just as impressive as a huge Cathayan gaming board or a full warband of Battle Monks. What we are really looking for is what you made of the Border Town Burning supplement - how it has affected your Mordheim hobby. What have you adopted, what have you changed or expanded upon?

If you are unsure whether you have something worthy of a submission, don't hesitate to ask!

1. If you intend to submit photos of warbands or other special characters then please note that we will only accept photos of Citadel Miniatures by Games Workshop.
2. If you intend to submit rules, then provide any relevant explanation of how these were developed including any notes you can share concerning how they were tested. Please make sure that they are produced in the form of Mordheim rules. e.g. A scenario consists of set-up, experience, etc.
3. If you intend to submit fiction, please try to not stretch your artistic license too much. Although part of the Border Town Burning supplement is set in the Cathayan borderlands, which is a largely unexplored part of the Warhammer world, we have gone to great lengths to use all and only known published information. E.g. If you produce a piece of work based on Cathayan religion or something of a similar nature in an attempt to expand the Warhammer background, it is unlikely that we will approve of it. Try to make your background feel as if it is relevant to the Warhammer World.

How to participate:
Send your submissions to No matter whether it is photos, texts, etc. Don't forget to give us your full name so that we can properly credit you for your work. If you use the contact form make sure that you include your email address.

There are three exciting prizes for the top three winning submissions. In addition to this, any outstanding work will receive consideration for the "Portents of Doom" Border Town Burning compagnion release. First place winner will get to pick their prize first, second place may choose between the two remaining prizes and third place will get whichever prize is left. In addition, there will be a few Chaos Dwarfs distributed at random among the best of remaining entrants.

Chaos Dwarf warband: After seeing the Border Town Burning supplement Dirk has sculpted these cool Chaos Dwarf miniatures for the Black Dwarf warband (yes, that is an example of what would be an excellent submission). This prize includes a total of six unpainted metal figures, plus one bonus model. You can see painted examples of these Chaos Dwarfs at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Cathayan Bitz Pack: Chris has so many Citadel bitz left from his converted warbands that he figured it would be nice to donate them as 'Bitz Pack' prizes. The Cathayan pack includes to Citadel Ninjas from the late 80's, as well as some additional bitz including two Kislevite Archer bodies.

Mordheim Bitz Pack: The second Bitz Pack contains goodies from the Mordheim sprue, rare metal equipment bitz and Mordheim scenery parts.

Extra Dwarfs: We will give away a few additonal Chaos Dwarf miniatures to random entrants. Of course, only serious submissions will be considered for this, so please do not submit a half-hearted scenario just to get a chance at winning one of these. :)

The best rules submissions will be published on the website. i.e. they will be available as separate downloadable PDF files using the same layouts as Border Town Burning. Please note that we reserve the right to make editorial changes to submissions as we see fit. Full credit will still be given to you, of course! Also we do not claim ownership of your submitted rules. These are still your creations, while Mordheim and all affiliated names, brands and intellectual property belongs to Games Workshop.

All submissions are due October 19th, 2009. Don't worry about time zones. It will not be a problem if you are a few hours late.

If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to ask them via the contact form or post them at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Good luck!

Winners - The Top 3December 6th, 2009

We are happy to present you here the spectacular winners of the "Show Us Your BTB" competition.


1st place - Averlander Merchant Caravan warband
by Mathieu "Ezekiel" Kok
We were very impressed with Mathieu's merchant caravan. The customisation towards the Averlander theme is not only expertly executed but it is also exactly what we wanted people to inspire to with the supplement: Using the rules and making them yours and get the most out of the hobby. The unquestionable centrepiece of the warband is obviously the scratch-built wagon. Overall we found this warband perfectly captures the feel of the Border Town Burning supplement.


2nd place - "The Diary of Karl von Kessel" narrative
by Matt Walshe
This diary-style piece of story-telling is an excellent read. You learn about the life of a young nobleman joining a merchant's caravan as they head out for the far-eastern lands. What we especially liked is the connection to the merchant caravan warband rules from the supplement and you can really tell what the character in the story would be in the game, and thus you can see where the inspiration for this great narrative stems from. Very well done!

Unfortunately the piece is not completely finished, but is great as it is and a well-deserved second place. We hope to read more chapters in the life of Karl soon!

Download the "Diary of Karl"


3rd place - Chaos Dwarf warband
by Rens "Pfreck" Jansen
This is a really exceptional Chaos Dwarf warband. Rens did an awesome job by using normal dwarf bodies and transforming them into his own vision of evil followers of Hashut. With their mysterious masks and goggles they have a very unique and dark feeling to them. The paint job, from the scratches on the shields to the lava bases is very good.

Honourable MentionsDecember 6th, 2009

The following entries were also submitted to us and are listed here in no particular order.


BTB Gaming Table and Models
by Marek "Tatooed Bastard" Ziolkiewicz
Marek has submitted his Cathayan gaming board as well as some of the miniatures they use in their BTB campaign. Check out the cool conversion for Belandysh, the dramatis persona from the supplement.


"Ulfwerenar" narrative
by Kevin "Cian Shieldbiter" Thacker
Cian wrote this great narrative surrounding his Norse warband he played in their recent BTB campaign.

Download "Ulfwerenar"


"Daemon Summoning" scenario
by Jörn "Horatius"
The "Daemon Summoning" scenario is a new scenario that makes use of the underground tiles presented in the supplement (see "Horrors of the Underground" senario). Jörn also included photos of their games on an awesome dungeon board created by Wolfgang, infamous terrain creator extraordinaire.

Download "Daemon Summoning" scenario


"Magnificent Stand" scenario & "Hobgoblin Horde" warband
by Dave "StyrofoamKing" Joria
Dave submitted a new warband the Hobgoblin Horde which lets you play a bunch of Hobgoblin wolf riders that roam the Great Steppe and frequently lead raids in the Cathayan borderlands. There is also the "Magnificent Stand" scenario inspired by the "Seven Samurai" film.

Download "Magnificant Stand" scenario
Download "Hobgoblin Horde" warband


Chaos Dwarf warband "Wyrdtouched Retrievers"
by Peter "Hashut's Blessing" George
Chaos Dwarfs really made a strong showing in this contest. This is Peter's warband, which features some wicked conversion - I sure don't want to be caught by that man-catcher thingy!


"Cart Races" Mini-Game
by Sascha "Eliazar" Klocke & Mathieu "Ezekiel" Kok
Actually this is more like a mini-game than a mere scenario. We particularly enjoyed this entry as it goes with the adventureous caravan theme of the setting.

Download "Cart Races" mini-game


Chaos Dwarf warband "Zzyzx's Wyrdstoners"
by Roland R. "Black Mantis" Trevino
Another nicely converted Chaos Dwarf warband. Check out the WIP photos also.


Maneaters warband (with bonus Marauder WIP)
by #10 Matthijs "Matt" Verkuijlen
This is Matt's Maneaters warband featuring some cool gory brutes.