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Warband Builder for Merchant CaravansNovember 20th, 2008

While you are waiting for BTB to drop I'd like to present a very useful XLS file to you. Kadzik from made this warband builder for Merchant Caravans. I have added the download to the Merchant Caravans section on the warbands page. Many thanks to Kadzik for making this file!


The Finish Line in SightNovember 14th, 2008

As you might know we are currently working on completing the supplement. The rules portion has been done and tested for a while now and we are focusing on putting a large gallery section together to get readers inspired and motivated. In the meantime I made sure that the most current versions of the individual sections are online and you can download them as separate PDF files from the respective pages of the website.

BTB Wants You!
If you have begun converting your own BTB warbands or are building some specific terrain and you would like to see it being included in the supplement's gallery section, do not hesitate to use the contact page to get in touch with us. We will happily use your works! If you want to submit photos of your miniatures please note that, out of respect to Games Workshop, we are looking for Citadel Miniatures only, not figures by non-GW producers. I hope you understand that.

Due to some photo shootings at the GW Poole store in December we are heading for a mid December release of the full supplement. This will give me time to also finish some more minis and terrain for the gallery chapter. If you want to see some of your stuff in the book, make sure you submit it in time. Maybe let me know that you are working on something in advance so I can inform you about the very last possible deadline.


Part 6 Out Now!November 9th, 2008

The last installment of the Border Town Burning supplement is finally here. Now don't waste any more time and click the download below.

BTB Part 6 (HQ) - 5.77 MB
BTB Part 6 (LQ) - 1.5 MB, lower quality images

While you are reading this last part and preparing warbands and scenery we are putting the finishing touches on the full supplement release. This handy volume will feature all Border Town Burning material, including the popular Marauders of Chaos and Black Dwarfs warbands, the contents of the six installments and the highly anticipated rules for campaign objectives.

Until then,

West of Weijin by Robert E. WatersNovember 1st, 2008

I am happy and proud to let you know that I received the final draft of a story by Robert E. Waters, written specifically for the Border Town Burning supplement. It is centred around Grand Master Ippan Shu, the Dramatis Persona from BTB. You might know Robert for his short story "Ill Met in Mordheim", which was published in the Tales of the Old World novel through Black Library - a mighty tome with some of the best fantasy short stories set in the Warhammer world.

I will now incorporate the story into the supplement and it will be published in the full release, which is due shortly after the last installment. The rules for Ippan Shu and the other new Dramatis Personae will be released in part six, which is due November 9th.


Part 5 of 6 Out Now!October 26th, 2008

The fifth installment of the Border Town Burning supplement is now available for download. Featuring the highly anticipated Battle Monks warband, new equipment (including the four powerful Chaos Artefacts) and lots of pictures this issue will be well worth the wait!

BTB Part 5 (HQ) - 7.85 MB
BTB Part 5 (LQ) - 1.88 MB, lower quality images


Huge Gallery UpdateOctober 16th, 2008

There have been numerous updates to the website, most noteworthy are the gallery and warbands sections.

We are proud to release exclusive stills of Brad Clarke's breath-taking Molten Stronghold that he built for his Chaos Dwarfs. Have a look at it in the gallery!

You can now also find my Dragon Monk on Temple Dog conversion that won me second place at the first Golden Tom contest. You can read a making of about the model on Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog. Feel free to leave me a comment over there too!

Please note: I am aware that the gallery doesn't function properly when using Internet Explorer. If you have a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or the new Google Chrome everything should work fine.


Part 4 of 6 Out Now!October 12th, 2008

The fourth installment of the Border Town Burning supplement has arrived for your reading pleasure. In case you're wondering about the huge size: there is a full colour battle report inside! This means you might like to download the HQ version to view the photos in all their gory glory. ;)

BTB Part 4 (HQ) - 12.26 MB
BTB Part 4 (LQ) - 3.44 MB, lower quality images


Word of Hashut No. 2 is out nowOctober 3rd, 2008

The second issue of the Chaos Dwarf webzine "Word of Hashut" has just been released. The webzine features lots of hobby articles, galleries, fan rules and fiction, and a battle report, making it an incredible source of inspiration - not only for Chaos Dwarf players! The production value has made another leap forward (which does mean a lot already!) and the full-colour webzine is a real feast for the eyes.

In addition, the first issue, which features the rules for Chaos Dwarf warbands in Mordheim and an introduction to the Border Town Burning supplement (see news entry from July 4th below), has been polished to match the new and improved style of the webzine and is well worth another look. You can download it here from Chaos Dwarfs Online.


Chaos Dwarf Molten StrongholdSeptember 30th, 2008

Vexxus of Chaos Dwarfs Online has put up a video on youtube of an awesome terrain piece called the "Molten Stronghold". You can also see his Chaos Dwarf warband roaming the dark fortress. Have a look, it's brilliant!


Part 3 of 6 Out Now!September 28th, 2008

The third installment of the Border Town Burning supplement is now available for download!

BTB Part 3 (HQ) - 7.46 MB
BTB Part 3 (LQ) - 2.16 MB, lower quality images

Happy reading!
-- Cianty

Part 2 of 6 Out Now!September 15th, 2008

Please excuse the little delay! I was away over the weekend and had no internet access. Anyways, the second part of the Border Town Burning supplement is now available for download!

BTB Part 2 (HQ) - 9.56 MB
BTB Part 2 (LQ) - 3.20 MB, lower quality images

Happy reading!
-- Cianty

EDIT: Unfortunately a layouting mistake happened and a graphic is partly obscurring the text on page 6. I have already re-uploaded corrected versions of the PDFs. Thanks go to Telchar from the Polish Mordheim forum for spotting this mistake. I apologize for any inconvenience!

Tom's (Boring) BTB ReviewSeptember 7th, 2008

If you are familiar with the Mordheim on-goings on the internet then you will surely know Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog. We supplied Tom with an "advance version" of the Border Town Burning supplement and he was so kind as to write a review of the book. Read it here.

Remember that you can still sign up for the BTB newsletter to make sure you don't miss the latest news and updates (like the next installment which is coming soon!). Simply go to the contact page to sign up now.

-- Cianty

Part 1 of 6 Out Now!August 31th, 2008

The wait was long but here it is at last: the first part of the Border Town Burning supplement. Download it now to see what it has in store!

BTB Part 1 (HQ) - 7.22 MB
BTB Part 1 (LQ) - 2.70 MB, lower quality images

Cheers and till soon!
-- Cianty

Of Cathay - limited time download onlyAugust 14th, 2008

This is a little something special for the regular lurkers to whet your appetites for the upcoming release of the Border Town Burning supplement. The download will be available for a limited time only and after that it won't be available in this form again. So grab it while you can!

Happy reading!
-- Cianty

Warriors of Chaos risingAugust 10st, 2008

As most of you will already know the new Warriors of Chaos army book for Warhammer is due this November. With the new book there will also be a bunch of new miniatures coming to enhance your marauding hordes with. These can, of course, be used for your Marauders of Chaos warband so let's have a look at what has leaked already.

The first new miniature that could be seen was a new Chaos Warrior miniature for Chaos Undivided. With all the belt pouches and little things he's carrying I think the figure is very suitable to represent a wandering warrior.

Recently an image of the new mounted marauders appeared on WarSeer. The Hung tribe springs to mind immediately and with these beautiful models some great conversion can surely be done.

Lastly, and probably the least interesting for the Mordheim gamer, there is a picture of the new Khorne Champion on Juggernaut. There are no Juggernauts in the Mordheim game, but the model is quite stunning nonetheless so I'll show it here anyhow.

So much for this time. See you next time with some BTB updates!

BTB Trailer and Podcast at CDOAugust 1st, 2008

The first trailer for the Border Town Burning supplement is now up on youtube. You can see a couple of previews of the newly introduced warbands.


Addendum: Here I am again already, because I want to let you know that the folks at Chaos Dwarfs Online have just released Chaos Dwarf Radio: Episode 3 which features an interview with BTB developer Stu Cresswell (aka Werekin) as well as other news and recaps of the CDO community's recent activities in support of the Border Town Burning supplement.

BTB Campaign at GW Poole VetsJuly 16th, 2008

Howdy folks it's Stu Cresswell here from GW Poole vets nights.

In 2007 the Dwarf Rangers of Chris 'Frogprince' Kneller defeated GW boss Karl's Forest Goblin tribe in the final fight to be declared the winner in a Nemesis Crown campaign for Mordheim hosted in GW Poole store.

For your Mordheiming pleasure in 2008, rev and I have co-developed a brand new campaign supplement. Border Town Burning takes place in the vicinity of the Silver Road to the Ogre Kingdoms, and continues on the Ivory Road to Cathay! Collectively known as the Silk Road, we are taking you on a fantastical trip which features old favourites and new experimental warbands alike. You have been accepted to play a co-starring role in this narrative campaign held at Poole store this summer. If you would rather arrange to play 1 or more guest star slots with a warband of your choice then that is fine too. Please see the dates that events are booked to happen below...

If you want to book in your favourite warband for the campaign, then just drop me an email this week or give your warband details to rev or I at veterans night this week. One warband of each type is typically allowed, first come first served basis, with the exception that we can accomodate for additional players who wish to use Ogres, Chaos Marauders, Mercenaries or a Merchants Caravan. There is a list of the players and their warbands attached below...

There'll be some very special campaign objectives and some background stories posted this week on the events board in the Battle Bunker.



Status UpdateJuly 4th, 2008

It's been a little while but here are (quite) some updates and news at last.

First off I have to announce a delay of the supplement's release. Now don't be sad because this is actually good news for you as we are currently playtesting the latest additions and adjustments. With the project being in development since 2004 there is no need to rush it now and ruin it all with the finish line in sight. We want to make sure that when we present the finished product to you we can fully stand behind it and honestly vouch for its playability. The new release date will be in late August and we will keep you posted. I hope you understand our decision.

On a more positive note I would like to point you to the sixth Golden Hat competition which has just closed. You can see the entries in this thread on the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum - the voting is on! As I announced previously the winner and runner-ups will be shown in the gallery section of the supplement. I strongly recommend that you have a look at the various submitted models since there are some stunning works to be gazed at.
Speaking of CDO, the first issue of the Chaos Dwarfs Online webzine Word of Hashut has been released. The PDF is brimfull with stunning and inspiring Chaos Dwarf material. In addition, our very own Black Dwarfs warband list as well as an introduction to the supplement can be found in this issue which should make it also interesting for Mordheim players.

The Gallery section has been restructured and revamped with fancy JavaScript technologies to increase your viewing pleasure. Also there are many new photos up including fully painted Warbands (Marauders of Chaos, The Black Dwarfs), Hired Swords and Monsters for random encounters. As a special feature some of the most interesting conversions can be viewed in special "3D galleries". Here are two examples:

Lastly, it's been over half a year since I posted anything about making BTB specific scenery. However, this doesn't mean that we were idle in the meantime, of course - to the contrary! You can read about some of the terrain I made in this thread in Tom's Amazing Mordheim forum. Selected photos can also be seen in the Gallery section, of course.

So much for the moment,
-- Cianty

Golden Hat VI about BTBMay 9th, 2008

The fine folks at Chaos Dwarfs online have announced the 6th edition of the prestigious Golden Hat competition. This time the task is to create a conversion for a "Gaoler", which is a Hero choice of the Chaos Dwarf warband list from the Border Town Burning supplement. Judging from the entries for the previous Golden Hat competitions I am confidant that the chaos dwarf community over there will come up with some very stunning models. Go here to read more about the competition.

-- Cianty

The Postman always rings twiceApril 25th, 2008

The first letters from the bold adventurers seeking fame and fortune in the mystic lands of the far east have arrived. Check out this month's issue of the Letters of the Damned and find therein the first installment of the Border Town Burning previews.

Also you can now sign up for the BTB newsletter. If you like we can automatically send you the latest news about the project via email so you don't have to stop by daily ;-) As a bonus, the first one to sign up for the newsletter will be added to the "VIP list" and be among the few first to receive the full supplement even prior to its official release. To sign up now click on this link (please write a line or two so that we know you're not some spam bot).

-- Cianty

Let's go!March 3rd, 2008

We were quite busy during the winter 'break' and now have lots of good news and interesting tidbits to announce. First of all, chances are you already noticed the improved layout of the website. I hope you all enjoy it. There will be another huge improvement for the website coming soon...

The first big news this month is the announcement of the BTB competition on the great Chaos Dwarf fan forum "The Hand of Hashut" ( along with a sneaky peek at an extract from the warbands chapter.

The second big news is the beginning of the Border Town Burning preview season with the next issue of the Letters of the Damned Mordheim ezine. Over a few issues these hobby and background articles will cover various aspects of the supplement, so be sure to check them out.

Finally, not only the website has been polished. We hereby proudly present you the cover of the final supplement: ... show

BTB Cover

Until the next update,

The snow is falling...December 15th, 2007

Well, not quite. But still the year is nearing its end and we have a few early Christmas presents for you regular lurkers: Many sections of the website have been updated and some previously broken links will now lead you to actual content. Have a look and you'll find out what's in store for you.

So much for this year. Watch out for the release of the Border Town Burning supplement in summer 2008! Prior to the final release there will be a 'playtest version' of the book available to gaming groups that would like to run a BTB campaign and provide feedback regarding the rules. So feel free to contact us and we will gladly send a copy your way.

Finally, let me quickly say:


BTB supplement classified "reliable"November 30th, 2007

If you haven't noticed yet the Border Town Burning website now carries the Level 2 - Reliable label on the index page. To learn what this means, simply click on it. The rules grading system has been published in this month's issue of the Letters of the Damned ezine in the article "Maintaining Law and Order" in the scope of the bimonthly Cianty's Heresy column. As always the article is also available in the articles section of this site.

Because of the restrictions - or let's call it quality standard - of the grade "reliable", few of the PDFs are currently unavailable. They will be back when they've been playtested more. So rest assured that from now on all of the available project's content on this site is tested. Furthermore, a list of the people involved, including playtesters, can be found in the credits section, of course.


Marauders warband in LOD #2October 30th, 2007

The current issue of the new Mordheim ezine Letters of the Damned features the Marauders of Chaos warband as well as a treatise on the various tribes of Chaos - both taken from the Border Town Burning supplement (read LOD#2 here). With this teaser out now, we are working overtime on finishing and testing the new rules, building terrain, painting miniatures and more goodies.


Revolution in PreparationSeptember 28th, 2007

It's vacation time and I will be away for a few weeks. However, there are a couple of cool things in progress so expect the next updates to be exciting (at least more exciting than this one). Until then,


Building Project: Crimson TowerSeptember 7th, 2007

This week I present the first pictures of our current building project: the Crimson Tower. This huge watchtower is placed in the Cathayan Borderlands not far from the outermost border town Sen'Quoi. The northwesternmost outpost of Cathay is the centerpiece of one of the Border Town Burning scenarios. The tower is modelled after the famous Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China (go look it up on Google and/or Wikipedia if you don't know).

(Right) These pictures shows the huge proportions of the tower: With three stories and a big first floor this building is not only an eye-cather on the gaming board but its comparatively vast interior and the surrounding balustrade on each story allow for a lot of fighting and tactical movement inside the building.

However, this isn't everything yet. I have updated the Gallery with lots of official Citadel miniatures that represent models from Cathay. Yes, they actually exist! I found these little gems while browsing through - an awesome website about Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures.


EDIT: Photos taken down. Have a look at this thread at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum for WIP pictures.

Adventures in the Cathayan BorderlandsAugust 24th, 2007

Hello to the bravest of adventurers! The first parts of the Northern Wastes and Cathayan Borderlands are ready to be conquered as the Scenarios section has been updated. Pack your bags - and don't forget to bring some pelts and gloves!

Note: Unfortunately this is a little less than what I intended to present. I am currently focusing on finishing the fancy PDFs for the Mordheim Nemesis Crown supplement. Because of that there will be no update next week for BTB. But if you haven't had a look at the project yet go to their website and check it out!


Updates GaloreAugust 17th, 2007

This week there are several smaller updates with the focus on pleasing your eyes. The layout has been changed slightly - let's call it improved -, as well as the menu bar to the left.
Numerous photos have been added to the Gallery, e.g. the great Lu Shang model by Don Haney, which won him the 2nd place at the 2002 Chicago Golden Demon.
The About BTB section has been extended and now includes a text on the Border Town Burning supplement's content and a table of contents.
Finally, there is a sneak preview on the campaign system in the Special Rules section.
I hope you enjoy the updates. Until next week, when the first adventures in the Cathayan borderlands will be released (yeah, I'm talking of scenarios).


The Cathayan Kyoushi has arrived!August 10th, 2007

Here we go again! The Cathayan Kyoushi has been added to the Hired Swords section. He is the most fitting Hired Sword for any warband of Battle Monks but he will join the common group of adventurers as well, as long as he gets to fight the menace that is Chaos. With his knowledge about black powder he is the sane counterpart to the Cathayan Pyromaniac - a crazy Hired Sword we will present in the near future.


The Kurgans seek the Crown!July 18th, 2007

After the launch of the new BTB website we now present the first release: the Marauders of Chaos warband list is re-published in a simplified and more stand-alone version. In addition, as the new worldwide Warhammer campaign Nemesis Crown starts this summer the warband list now features an updated background introduction exclusively written for the Nemesis Crown setting. Check it out and as always: hit the board to let us know what you think.

Kurgan Raiders warband: download PDF (2,95 MB)


New Border Town Burning website up!July 15th, 2007

Finally the BTB website has been revamped. Also we are getting back to gaming again which probably leads to further development of the rules. This means you can expect some updates on here within the next weeks. By the way, don't forget to have a look at the forum, because that's where the latest ideas are presented first.