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On this page you can see pictures of the warbands and scenery we use. For those believing the Citadel range offers - or let's say offered - no true oriental miniatures, think again! As you will find below a lot of oriental style minatures produced by Citadel can be found at and

Besides our own miniatures there are lots of additional photos of converted models and dioramas that we have collected throughout the internet in the Further Miniatures of the East section. These excellent pieces are related to the Border Town Burning setting and are a terrific inspiration for creating your own models.

Please allow this page some time to load because of the many images!

Marauders of Chaos Warband

A Marauders of Chaos warband painted by Thomas List (check out his Miniature Painting Service at For more pictures of this warband go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

You can also see the "raw" marauder models before painting. Chieftain, Shaman and Condemned converted by Christian "cianty" Templin. Champions converted by Marc "Beowahr" Kiefer (check out his website and


Below you can see the Chaos Marauders warband of Jörn "Horatius". For more information visit Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Merchant Caravan Warband

These Tilean merchants are taken from the Imperial cannon crew but painted so as they are more colourful to give them a wealthier look. For more pictures go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Further Miniatures
The Knights Vanguards can be represented by models from Bretonnia, the Empire, Cathay or Nippon. Rather than convert your own Ronin models you might like to use existing miniatures from Citadel. The 'Sheffield Samurai' e.g. (see right) is a special giveaway miniature for the store opening in Sheffield. (Source: and


The miniatures below were made for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons range during 1985 and 1986. The Samurai were an unreleased set that later appeared as Oriental Heros. Also the bowman became an alternate character for the Talisman game. Source:

Battle Monks of Cathay Warband

A Battle Monk warband by Chris Templin. For more pictures and some making-of information go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum. You can also see the "raw" warrior monk models before painting. The conversions were done using mostly the Warhammer Empire Flagelant sprue and Green Stuff modelling putty. One Dragon Monk was made from the Mordheim Elf Mage as Dave Taylor did in his Grand Army of Cathay project (see below). The peasants are old Citadel models from the "Ninja Assassins" and "Oriental Heroes" range.

Further oriental models can be found in the range for the Talisman game: the "Dungeon" set contained a Martial Artist (source: and the "Adventure" set contained a Ninja and a Samurai miniature (source:

The Black Dwarfs Warbands

Below you can see "Mad Bob's" Chaos Dwarf warband. For more photos go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Here is Brad ("Vexxus") and David ("Xander") Clarke's Chaos Dwarf warband. Note the awesome Gaoler conversion, which won Brad the 3rd place in the Golden Hat competition #6 on Chaos Dwarfs Online. You can see Brad's stunning Chaos Dwarf Stronghold below.


To the left you can see Florian "Snotling" Heinemann's Gaoler conversion, which won him the 1st place at the Golden Hat #6 competition at Chaos Dwarfs Online.

Maneaters Warband

These beautiful oriental Ogres were converted and painted by Orcyboy (check out his Ogres of Nippon website).

The Restless Dead Warband

Below you can see some of Donald Van Ness' awesome Undead models. He converted a Liche specifically for the Restless Dead warband. You can see more of his incredible warband at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum (the Liche is on page 7).

Other Cathayan Miniatures

The Border Town Burning supplement features many ways of using oriental models for the new Hired Swords, Dramatis Personae and other creatures.

Cathayan Pyromaniac
Originally this model for the Cathayan Pyromaniac Hired Sword was a member of the Warhammer Nippon Rocket Crew before it decided to go crazy (source: and More pictures and 'making-of' information can be found at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Cathayan Ninja
Stu Cresswell uses the old Warhammer Ninja Assassin models to represent either the Cathayan Ninja hired sword or the warrior monk henchmen in his Battle Monk warband. You can see an old ad for these miniatures from White Dwarf 81, page 50 (September 1986). The 1991 Citadel Miniatures catalogue in two sections lists them as "Ninja Assassins" - a lot of them! (Source: and

Stu Cresswell converted this swordsmith from an old Warhammer model and a Warmaster anvil.

Grand Master Ippan Shu
The Dramatis Personae Grand Master Ippan Shu is a converted Warhammer Empire plastic flagelant with a lot of Green Stuff.

Temple Dog
Temple Dogs are animated stone statues that guard the temples of Cathay and Nippon. These models are original Citadel miniatures from the 3rd edition of Warhammer (source: The second dog is the mount of a special Dragon Monk conversion from the Battle Monks warband.

Maglah Khan's Horde
Hobgoblins are quite present in the Border Town Burning setting - be it in the form of the Hobgoblin Scout Hired Swords, the Dramatis Personae Maglah Khan or some Hobgoblin wolfboyz that enter the board via random happenings.

Below you can see "Ishkur Cinderhat"'s amazing Hobgoblin Hero conversion, which won him the 1st place at the third Golden Hat competition. The model makes a perfect Maglah Khan.

The Hobgoblin Khan is part of his incredible Chaos Dwarf army, where he leads the regiment of Hobgoblin wolfboyz. The Hobgoblins below are based on Oglah Khan's Hobgoblin Wolfboyz, which were first released in White Dwarf 231. Can you already imagine Maglah and his boyz riding into the battle?

Cathayan Dragons
Below left: The perfect dragon model for the Cathayan setting can be found in the Citadel Miniatures 1988 Catalog: The Oriental Dragon (source:
Another classic miniature is the Rock Dragon, which is still available from Games Workshop through Mail Order Archive Service.


Terra Cotta Soldiers

These animated statues that roam the Cathayan borderlands are a great danger to the peaceful caravans. For more pictures of Terra Cotta soldiers fighting a Battle Monks warband go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.


Cathayan Bears

There are various kinds of bears to be encountered in the Cathayan borderlands and Northern Wastes. The models depicted below came with the Elven Beartamer from the 1991 Warhammer Elven Beastmasters range (source: For more pictures of this miniature go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Scenery & Terrain

Gaming table: The Cathayan borderlands
This table was made specifically for games set in the Cathayan borderlands. For more infos go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Gaming table: Horrors of the Underground
These underground tiles were made to replace the printable templates from the supplement. For more pictures go to Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

The Crimson Tower
This huge watchtower is placed in the Cathayan borderlands not far from the outermost border town. The northwesternmost outpost of Cathay is the centerpiece of one of the Border Town Burning scenarios. The tower is modelled after the famous Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China (go look it up on Google and/or Wikipedia if you don't know).

Border Town Burning Dioramas
Hopefully these picture will speak for themselves.

Chaos Dwarf Molten Stronghold
We are proud to be the first to present stills of Brad Clarke's awesome Molten Stronghold! You can see his Chaos Dwarf warband wandering through the black stones. Also be sure to check out his youtube video of the mighty fortress.

BTB campaign
Check out this cool gallery: Pierwsza SDK-owa kampania BTB.

Further Miniatures of the East - Sources of Inspiration

This section features conversions that fit perfectly into the Chaotic Cathay-themed setting of the Border Town Burning setting and that are a great source of inspiration for your own conversions. Especially Dave Tylor's and Shawn Chavis' converted oriental armies prove that the mystic lands of Cathay hold a lot of fascination even for GW staff members.

If you know of any other Cathayan conversions feel free to contact us and we will gladly add them to the gallery.

Lu Shang, Warlord of the Dreaded Wo
By Don Haney, 2nd place in the Best Warhammer Single Miniature category at the Chicago Golden Demon 2002. Don discusses his design process in a very interesting article, which is available for download in the articles section, exclusively from the Border Town Burning website.

The Grand Army of Cathay
This impressive army (using Bretonnian rules) was converted by Dave Taylor and shown in White Dwarf 314. Unfortunately Dave's extended online article is no longer available on the Games Workshop site but you can see most of the photos below.

Poacher Caravan
Part of the "Scenery of the East" by Chad Mierzwa and Rob Hawkins, featured in White Dwarf 299. These poacher carts are a great inspiration for building one's own wagons and carts. Like Dave's Cathayan army project this one is no longer available either.

Baggage Trains
These baggage trains are depicted on the GW website as part of their fantastic Scenario Objectives online article for Warhammer.


Slave Trains

These awesome Goblin slave train conversions are also taken from the Scenario Objectives article. They are great inspirations for the wagons of the Black Dwarf slavers.


Wagons for Warhammer Raids

Dave Andrews converted these awesome wagons for Warhammer Raids. They are a terrific characterful inspiration for Trade Wagons.


Mongol Horde

Shawn Chavis created this stunning oriental army (using Empire rules). It also features an impressive oriental Dragon conversion.


Chris Blair's Cathayans

In White Dwarf 305 the 'Eavy Metal Showcase featured miniatures by Golden Demon Champion Chris Blair - among them two Cathayan conversions.


Guardsman of Cathay

This incredibly detailed Cathayan guardsman by Bennett Blalock-Doane was posted on the GW site as a Honorable Mention for the 2008 Baltimore Golden Demons.


Ogre Ninja

On we found this stunning Ogre Ninja that took gold at the Los Angeles Games Day 2005 in the category Warhammer Large Monster/War Machine.


Scenes from the Ogre Kingdoms

The miniatures and scenes from the Ogre Kingdoms Army book provided plenty of inspiration to those who took part in Games Workshop's 2005 Hobby Centre diorama competition. On their Scenes from the Ogre Kingdoms page you can see some of the best entries including this awesome diorama of a Ninja Ogre on a burning border town house and the ogre ambush on a caravan along the Silk Road.


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