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Written by Christian Templin and Stuart Cresswell


Additional scribes & contributors: Andi Denhof , Gregor Poloczek, Daniel Logee, Chris de la Rosa, Mike Montour, Azmodan, Roberto Visonŕ, Christopher Kneller, rev larny, Nick Kyme and Mark Havener


Thanks to: Dave Joria , Robert Lechl, Brad and David Clarke, Grant Thomas & Malte Dincher


Special thanks to: Keith Dickinson for his efforts and help; Tom Bell and everyone at Red Claw Gaming and all the veterans at the Games Workshop store in Poole for playtesting and support; Thomas List and the members of Tom’s Boring Mordheim forum for support and encouragement towards painting and modelling everything; Derek Whitman, Bill Sariego and the Mordheim Lustria Cities of Gold team for developing the Norse warband rules and the Norse Shaman Hired Sword; The Mordheim_2500 group and everyone else without whom this tome of adventure could not have been.


Story-telling & Background: rev larny, Stu Cresswell and Chris de la Rosa. “West of Weijin” written by Robert E. Waters


Proof-reading: Stu Cresswell


Updated Roster Sheet: Sean Maroney


Layout & Website: Chris Templin

Rules & Fluff Source Reference

These are some of the sources that we referred to for the creation of the Border Town Burning supplement.


General sources

· Warhammer Fantasy Armybooks: Dogs of War (5th edition), Hordes of Chaos, Beasts of Chaos; Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook.
· Chaos War Mammoth background from Forge World (



· "Northern Tribes under the Shadow of Chaos" chart: taken from the Warhammer Fantasy Armybook "Hordes of Chaos" page 7.
· "The Realm of Chaos": taken from the Warhammer Fantasy Armybook "Hordes of Chaos" page 6.
· "The Kingdom of Cathay": extract from "Of the distant Kingdom of Cathay" from the Warhammer Rulebook v.6, page 176.
· "Creatures of the East" contains extracts from: "The Tribes of Chaos" from the Warhammer Fantasy Armybook "Hordes of Chaos", page 12; "Beastmen outside the Old World" from the Warhammer Fantasy Armybook "Beasts of Chaos", page 16; and an extract from "The Kingdom of Cathay", see above.


Tilean Merchant Caravan Warband

· "Tilea" paragraph: excerpt from "About Tilea and Estalia", taken from the Warhammer Rulebook, page 166. Also contains an expert from "Tilea – Home of the Mercenary" (part of the "Dogs of War – Army for Hire" article), White Dwarf 251, page 37.
· "The Silk Road": taken from the Warhammer Armybook "Dogs of War", 1998; pages 94-95.
· Pike special weapon: This is not taken from the Tilean warbands from the Lustria setting, rule resemblance is accidental.


Marauders of Chaos Warband

· Warhounds of Chaos rules and fluff: taken from the "Beastmen Raiders" warband, Empire in Flames Supplement page 73.
· Spawn of Chaos special rules: taken from the Spawn rules, Random Happenings article, Mordheim Annual 2002 page 4.


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