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Rumours spread that a new Champion of Chaos is born, a barbaric chieftain gathering an army of marauders, beastmen and the strangest of creatures to overrun the civilized world. He wanders his homelands, the Northern Wastes, in surch of three long-forgotten Chaos Artifacts that will grant him the power to unite the armies of Chaos. While the number of the chieftain’s followers grows the monks of Sen’quoi, a distant trading town on the border of the Northern Wastes and Cathay, prepare for the final battle against the evil...


Welcome to the Border Town Burning supplement!


Border Town Burning is an unofficial new setting for Mordheim. It takes the battles to the Northern Chaos Wastes and Cathay where an aspiring barbarian Chieftain seeks to become a Champion of the Dark Gods of Chaos and unite the tribes of the Marauders, Beastmen and other indescribable creatures of Chaos and lead an army against the civilized peoples of the Old World. But to fulfil his destiny he needs to not only fight for his god’s attention and approval but to find three lost arcane artefacts that will grant him the power to become an accepted Lord of Chaos.

Unaware of this evil, fortune seekers and adventurers traverse the borders, led by treasure maps and rumours of ancient magical items worth a fortune. Even from the distant lands of Cathay strangers travel to the Northern Wastes. Guided by prophecies of the great danger that is to come across mankind.


Border Town Burning is more than a mere alternate setting. The idea behind the supplement was to not only expand the existing rules but to improve the game in general. Therefore the entire BTB package consists of the traditional adjustments like new equipment and weather rules specific to the setting on one hand. On the other hand there is a new system that allows players to run narrative campaigns where the warbands have certain objectives to achieve, with special scenarios to unlock as part of the non-linear storyline until finally the powers of Chaos or its enemies prevail at the big showdown at the siege of Cathay's last border town. Choose now which side you are on - even if it is only your own!



The Border Town Burning supplement consists of three major parts. The first is the "New Rules" chapter, which introduces weather rules and equipment specific to the Northern Wastes setting along with general rules e.g. rules for using - as well as buying - ladders and wheelbarrows. To top the feel of an alternate setting off there are new random happenings and a bestiary to deal with the monstrosities that roam the Chaos wastes. Finally there is the heart of the new rules: the BTB campaign rules.

In the scenarios section players will find new scenarios that fit the alternate setting. Also there is a couple of special scenarios which are meant to be "unlocked" by using the BTB campaign rules. This way the story about the search for the Chaos artefacts and the growing hordes of Chaos evolves as the players shape the future of not only the last border town but all of Cathay.

The second chapter is all about warbands, hired swords & dramatis personae. The BTB supplement provides rules for running Chaos Marauders warbands which is long-overdue in our eyes. The rules for playing a merchant's caravan add a totally new flavour to the game by allowing players to trade - or to rob the caravan! The powers of the Eastern battle monks are already known to those who know where the Skaven clan Eshin copied their famous "art of silent death" fighting style from...

Finally there is an appendix with many useful templates, counters and markers for use with the BTB supplement. Also you don't want to miss out the full colour gallery section with lots of photos of the BTB warbands and scenery. You can see the conversions and old Citadel miniatures we are using as well as the winners and runner-ups of the BTB themed Golden Hat #6 competition held at Chaos Dwarfs Online.





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