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Border Town Burning is more than a mere alternate setting for Mordheim. The idea behind the supplement was to not only expand the existing rules but to improve the game in general. Therefore the entire BTB package consists of the traditional adjustments like new equipment and weather rules specific to the setting on one hand. On the other hand there is a new system that allows players to run narrative campaigns where the warbands have certain objectives to achieve, with special scenarios to unlock as part of the non-linear storyline until finally the powers of Chaos or its enemies prevail at the big showdown at the siege of Cathay's last border town. Choose now which side you are on - even if it is only your own!

Forces of Nature

The living conditions in the Northern Wastes are extremely harsh: the weather is terribly cold and nature itself is twisted by the corrupting influence of Chaos. Evil barbarians, mutants and creatures even worse roam the wastes in search for battle and bloodshed in the name of their dark gods.

Even the borderlands beneath are infested and plagued by Chaos. Although the Chaos influence declines towards the South, the Cathayan Borderlands are still scarred by mutated trees, lakes filled with acidic water and the creatures of Chaos that raid the few Cathayan settlements and farms.

The Environmental Rules describe the desolate landscape and harsh weather of the Northern Wastes and the Cathayan borderlands. This section is divided into three sub-sections: Region Rules, Weather Rules and Fire Rules.

Environment & Weather Rules PDF

New Equipment and Artefact Tables

The Border Town Burning supplement provides new weapons and equipment for your warband as well as new artefacts and the unique campaign-specific Chaos artefacts. In addition, the file contains an updated price chart that includes BTB items as well as other official equipment (e.g. from the Opulent Goods article).

New Equipment & Artefacts PDF

New Random Happenings

The weapons, armour and miscellaneous equipment in this chapter are added to the equipment from the Mordheim rulebook. Note that some of the items are only relevant when using the Border Town Burning campaign rules.

The price chart at the end of this section lists the prices and rarity values when playing battles in the borderlands of Cathay and the Chaos Wastes. Use this price chart instead of the original one from Mordheim rulebook when playing a Border Town Burning campaign.

New Random Happenings PDF


The Bestiary contains profiles and special rules for the different creatures that roam the Northern Wastes and Cathayan Borderlands - from carnivorous plants to the mighty Temple Dogs. In addition, there are extended rules for the general behaviour of these non-player models to provide your games with even more variety.

Border Town Burning Bestiary PDF

Corrupted Characters

A treatise on the warp-touched by playwright, street performer and suspected werecreature Stuart Cresswell including his reinterpretation on the unscrupulous works of notorious scribe Daniel Carlson ('Power in the Stones' and 'Sawbones').

Corrupted Characters PDF


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